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I wrote [‘Marigold’] on the four-track machine at the house. [Kurt] was in his room. I didn’t want to wake him. So I would record things, whispering quietly into a microphone. I was recording the vocal harmony to the chorus of that song, and the door opened. He goes, ‘What’s that?’ ‘It’s just this thing I wrote.’ ‘Let me hear it.’ We sat there and played it a few times. I would do the high harmony, he would do the low harmony. It’s funny writing songs with other people. I’ve never done that. I write songs [for Foo Fighters] and then the band plays them with me. But sitting face to face with someone, that’s another trip. I don’t know if he had ever done that either. It was like an uncomfortable blind date. ‘Oh, you sing too? Let’s harmonize together.’ I was kind of shy back then too.
Dave Grohl talks to Rolling Stone about Nirvana B-side “Marigold” (H/T AlternativeNation.net)
Nirvana - Marigold
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Nirvana - Marigold

vocals by Dave Grohl 1993

This song despite that its almost backwards in the way it was played aha (ment by that is kurt played drums, dave sung and krist played bass. I think kurt played bass too.) Its one of my favourite Nirvana songs ever.

i dont understand what’s wrong with this guy

i dont understand what’s wrong with this guy